League Results






10-10-201712:00The Pigeon Gold6 - 8Salmons
10-10-201712:00Delaneys8 - 6The 79
10-10-201712:00Croughs blue6 - 8The Pigeon blue
10-10-201712:00Transport club11 - 3The Iveagh Grounds
10-10-201712:00CIE Inchicore 3 - 11The Swiss Cottage
10-10-201712:00Croughs gold14 - 0Free week
17-10-201712:00The 7911 - 3CIE Inchicore
17-10-201712:00The Swiss Cottage5 - 9Transport club
17-10-201712:00The Iveagh Grounds6 - 8Croughs blue
17-10-201712:00Free week0 - 14The Pigeon blue
17-10-201712:00Croughs gold8 - 6The Pigeon Gold
17-10-201712:00Salmons8 - 6Delaneys
18-10-201720:00Pigeon club nutz10 - 4Lucan Pitch and Putt
18-10-201720:00The Swiss Raiders5 - 9Colmchilles Gaa
18-10-201720:00Parnells Black9 - 5The Shilling
18-10-201720:00Terry roger blue7 - 7Transport club boltz
18-10-201720:00The Metzo3 - 11Terry Rogers gold
24-10-201712:00Transport club10 - 4The 79
24-10-201712:00Croughs blue4 - 10The Swiss Cottage
24-10-201712:00CIE Inchicore 4 - 10Salmons
24-10-201712:00Delaneys9 - 5Croughs gold
24-10-201712:00The Pigeon blue14 - 0The Iveagh Grounds
24-10-201712:00The Pigeon Gold14 - 0Free week
25-10-201720:00Transport club boltz8 - 6The Swiss Raiders
25-10-201720:00Terry Rogers gold3 - 11Pigeon club nutz
25-10-201720:00Lucan Pitch and Putt4 - 10Terry roger blue
25-10-201720:00The Shilling4 - 10Colmchilles Gaa
25-10-201720:00Parnells Black11 - 3The Metzo
07-11-201712:00The Swiss Cottage7 - 7The Pigeon blue
07-11-201712:00The 7910 - 4Croughs blue
07-11-201712:00Croughs gold14 - 0CIE Inchicore
07-11-201712:00The Pigeon Gold6 - 8Delaneys
07-11-201712:00Free week0 - 14The Iveagh Grounds
07-11-201712:00Salmons7 - 7Transport club
08-11-201720:00Colmchilles Gaa3 - 11Transport club boltz
08-11-201720:00Pigeon club nutz10 - 4Parnells Black
08-11-201720:00The Swiss Raiders10 - 4Lucan Pitch and Putt
08-11-201720:00Terry roger blue8 - 6Terry Rogers gold
08-11-201720:00The Metzo4 - 10The Shilling
14-11-201712:00The Pigeon blue5 - 9The 79
14-11-201712:00Delaneys14 - 0Free week
14-11-201712:00CIE Inchicore 2 - 12The Pigeon Gold
14-11-201712:00Transport club7 - 7Croughs gold
14-11-201712:00Croughs blue5 - 9Salmons
14-11-201712:00The Iveagh Grounds3 - 11The Swiss Cottage
15-11-201720:00The Shilling4 - 10Transport club boltz
15-11-201720:00The Metzo6 - 8Pigeon club nutz
15-11-201720:00Parnells Black4 - 10Terry roger blue
15-11-201720:00Lucan Pitch and Putt8 - 6Colmchilles Gaa
15-11-201720:00Terry Rogers gold5 - 9The Swiss Raiders
21-11-201712:00The Pigeon Gold6 - 8Transport club
21-11-201712:00Free week0 - 14The Swiss Cottage
21-11-201712:00The 7914 - 0The Iveagh Grounds
21-11-201712:00Salmons10 - 4The Pigeon blue
21-11-201712:00Croughs gold5 - 9Croughs blue
21-11-201712:00Delaneys14 - 0CIE Inchicore
22-11-201720:00Terry roger blue9 - 5The Metzo
22-11-201720:00The Swiss Raiders7 - 7Parnells Black
22-11-201720:00Pigeon club nutz6 - 8The Shilling
22-11-201720:00Colmchilles Gaa7 - 7Terry Rogers gold
22-11-201720:00Transport club boltz12 - 2Lucan Pitch and Putt
28-11-201712:00Transport club8 - 6Delaneys
28-11-201712:00The Swiss Cottage6 - 8The 79
28-11-201712:00The Pigeon blue9 - 5Croughs gold
28-11-201712:00CIE Inchicore 14 - 0Free week
28-11-201712:00Croughs blue6 - 8The Pigeon Gold
28-11-201712:00The Iveagh Grounds0 - 14Salmons
29-11-201720:00The Metzo5 - 9The Swiss Raiders
29-11-201720:00Parnells Black5 - 9Colmchilles Gaa
29-11-201720:00Terry Rogers gold2 - 12Transport club boltz
29-11-201720:00The Shilling8 - 6Lucan Pitch and Putt
29-11-201720:00Pigeon club nutz9 - 5Terry roger blue
05-12-201700:00The Pigeon Gold1 - 13The Pigeon blue
05-12-201712:00Salmons6 - 8The Swiss Cottage
05-12-201712:00Croughs gold14 - 0The Iveagh Grounds
05-12-201712:00Free week0 - 14The 79
05-12-201712:00CIE Inchicore 0 - 14Transport club
05-12-201712:00Delaneys7 - 7Croughs blue
06-12-201720:00Lucan Pitch and Putt2 - 12Terry Rogers gold
06-12-201720:00Terry roger blue10 - 4The Shilling
06-12-201720:00Colmchilles Gaa9 - 5The Metzo
06-12-201720:00Transport club boltz14 - 0Parnells Black
12-12-201712:00The Iveagh Grounds0 - 14The Pigeon Gold
12-12-201712:00The Swiss Cottage8 - 6Croughs gold
12-12-201712:00Transport club14 - 0Free week
12-12-201712:00Croughs blue14 - 0CIE Inchicore
12-12-201712:00The Pigeon blue10 - 4Delaneys
12-12-201712:00The 798 - 6Salmons
13-12-201720:00The Metzo4 - 10Transport club boltz
13-12-201720:00Parnells Black6 - 8Lucan Pitch and Putt
13-12-201720:45The Swiss Raiders8 - 6Terry roger blue
13-12-201720:45Terry Rogers gold7 - 7The Shilling
13-12-201720:45Pigeon club nutz9 - 5Colmchilles Gaa
09-01-201812:00Free week0 - 14Salmons
09-01-201812:00Croughs gold6 - 8The 79
09-01-201812:00Delaneys14 - 0The Iveagh Grounds
09-01-201812:00CIE Inchicore 0 - 14The Pigeon blue
09-01-201812:00Transport club10 - 2Croughs blue
09-01-201812:00The Pigeon Gold10 - 4The Swiss Cottage
10-01-201820:00Transport club boltz5 - 9Pigeon club nutz
10-01-201820:00Colmchilles Gaa3 - 11Terry roger blue
10-01-201820:00Terry Rogers gold12 - 2Parnells Black
10-01-201820:00Lucan Pitch and Putt14 - 0The Metzo
10-01-201820:00The Shilling8 - 6The Swiss Raiders
16-01-201812:00The Swiss Cottage7 - 7Delaneys
16-01-201812:00Croughs blue14 - 0Free week
16-01-201812:00The Iveagh Grounds7 - 7CIE Inchicore
16-01-201812:00The 7911 - 3The Pigeon Gold
16-01-201812:00The Pigeon blue6 - 8Transport club
16-01-201812:00Salmons12 - 2Croughs gold
17-01-201820:00Transport club boltz10 - 4Terry roger blue
17-01-201820:00The Shilling6 - 8Parnells Black
17-01-201820:00Colmchilles Gaa8 - 6The Swiss Raiders
17-01-201820:00Terry Rogers gold10 - 4The Metzo
17-01-201820:00Lucan Pitch and Putt2 - 12Pigeon club nutz
23-01-201812:00Croughs gold14 - 0Free week
23-01-201812:00Transport club5 - 9The Pigeon blue
23-01-201812:00Delaneys8 - 6Salmons
23-01-201812:00The Swiss Cottage13 - 1The Pigeon Gold
23-01-201812:00Croughs blue6 - 8The 79
24-01-201820:00Pigeon club nutz11 - 3Terry Rogers gold
24-01-201820:00The Metzo12 - 2Parnells Black
24-01-201820:00Terry roger blue0 - 14Lucan Pitch and Putt
24-01-201820:00The Swiss Raiders8 - 6Transport club boltz
24-01-201820:00Colmchilles Gaa8 - 6The Shilling
30-01-201812:00Transport club4 - 10Salmons
30-01-201812:00Delaneys6 - 8The Swiss Cottage
30-01-201812:00The Pigeon Gold3 - 8The 79
30-01-201812:00Croughs gold6 - 8The Pigeon blue
30-01-201812:00Free week0 - 14Croughs blue
31-01-201820:00The Swiss Raiders6 - 8Pigeon club nutz
20-02-201812:00Transport club6 - 8The Swiss Cottage
20-02-201812:00The Pigeon blue14 - 0Free week
20-02-201812:00Croughs gold3 - 11Salmons
20-02-201812:00The Pigeon Gold7 - 7Croughs blue
20-02-201812:00The 793 - 11Delaneys
21-02-201820:00The Shilling8 - 6The Metzo
21-02-201820:00Terry Rogers gold14 - 0Terry roger blue
21-02-201820:00Transport club boltz7 - 7Colmchilles Gaa
21-02-201820:00Parnells Black4 - 10Pigeon club nutz
21-02-201820:00Lucan Pitch and Putt2 - 12The Swiss Raiders
27-02-201812:00The Pigeon Gold6 - 8Croughs gold
27-02-201812:00The Pigeon blue4 - 10Salmons
27-02-201812:00The 792 - 12Transport club
27-02-201812:00The Swiss Cottage14 - 0Free week
28-02-201820:00The Swiss Raiders8 - 6Terry Rogers gold
28-02-201820:00Pigeon club nutz14 - 0The Metzo
28-02-201820:00Colmchilles Gaa10 - 4Lucan Pitch and Putt
28-02-201820:00Terry roger blue0 - 14Parnells Black
28-02-201820:00Transport club boltz11 - 3The Shilling
06-03-201812:00Delaneys8 - 2The Pigeon Gold
06-03-201812:00Croughs blue3 - 9Transport club
06-03-201812:00The 796 - 8Croughs gold
06-03-201812:00Salmons14 - 0Free week
06-03-201812:00The Pigeon blue10 - 4The Swiss Cottage
07-03-201820:00The Shilling5 - 9Pigeon club nutz
07-03-201820:00Parnells Black8 - 6The Swiss Raiders
07-03-201820:00Terry Rogers gold11 - 3Colmchilles Gaa
07-03-201820:00Lucan Pitch and Putt5 - 9Transport club boltz
07-03-201820:00The Metzo14 - 0Terry roger blue
13-03-201812:00The Swiss Cottage4 - 8Salmons
13-03-201812:00Croughs blue7 - 7Croughs gold
13-03-201812:00Transport club9 - 4The Pigeon Gold
13-03-201812:00Free week0 - 14Delaneys
13-03-201812:00The 796 - 8The Pigeon blue
14-03-201820:00Colmchilles Gaa11 - 3Parnells Black
14-03-201820:00Transport club boltz10 - 4Terry Rogers gold
14-03-201820:00Lucan Pitch and Putt14 - 0The Shilling
14-03-201820:00Terry roger blue0 - 14Pigeon club nutz
14-03-201820:00The Swiss Raiders8 - 6The Metzo
20-03-201812:00Salmons9 - 5The 79
20-03-201812:00Croughs gold4 - 8The Swiss Cottage
20-03-201812:00The Pigeon blue11 - 3Croughs blue
20-03-201812:00Delaneys8 - 6Transport club
20-03-201812:00The Pigeon Gold14 - 0Free week
21-03-201820:00The Metzo6 - 8Colmchilles Gaa
21-03-201820:00Parnells Black2 - 12Transport club boltz
21-03-201820:00The Shilling14 - 0Terry roger blue
21-03-201820:00Pigeon club nutz7 - 7The Swiss Raiders
21-03-201820:00Terry Rogers gold8 - 6Lucan Pitch and Putt
27-03-201812:00Salmons9 - 5Croughs blue
27-03-201812:00The Pigeon blue8 - 6The Pigeon Gold
27-03-201812:00The 795 - 9The Swiss Cottage
27-03-201812:00Transport club14 - 0Free week
27-03-201812:00Croughs gold2 - 8Delaneys
28-03-201820:00Terry roger blue0 - 14The Swiss Raiders
28-03-201820:00Transport club boltz14 - 0The Metzo
28-03-201820:00Lucan Pitch and Putt7 - 7Parnells Black
28-03-201820:00The Shilling7 - 7Terry Rogers gold
28-03-201820:00Colmchilles Gaa3 - 11Pigeon club nutz
03-04-201812:00Delaneys6 - 8The Pigeon blue
03-04-201812:00Croughs gold7 - 7Transport club
03-04-201812:00The Swiss Cottage14 - 0Croughs blue
03-04-201812:00Free week0 - 14The 79
04-04-201812:00Delaneys7 - 7Croughs blue
04-04-201820:00Lucan Pitch and Putt14 - 0The Metzo
04-04-201820:00Pigeon club nutz8 - 6Transport club boltz
04-04-201820:00Parnells Black7 - 7Terry Rogers gold
04-04-201820:00The Swiss Raiders9 - 5The Shilling
04-04-201820:00Terry roger blue0 - 14Colmchilles Gaa
18-04-201812:00Salmons9 - 5The Pigeon Gold
24-04-201812:00The Swiss Cottage7 - 2Croughs blue
24-04-201812:00Delaneys7 - 0The Pigeon Gold
25-04-201812:00The 797 - 3Croughs gold
01-05-201812:00Transport club7 - 4The Swiss Cottage
01-05-201812:00Delaneys2 - 7The 79
03-06-201812:00Terry Rogers gold6 - 6The Pigeon blue
08-06-201812:00Transport club boltz7 - 5Transport club
08-06-201812:00Pigeon club nutz5 - 2Terry Rogers gold
08-06-201812:00Transport club boltz7 - 0The Pigeon Gold
08-06-201812:00Colmchilles Gaa5 - 5Transport club
08-06-201812:00Terry Rogers gold7 - 7The Pigeon blue
08-06-201812:00Pigeon club nutz5 - 4Transport club boltz